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One of the most common types of injuries that I see, as a personal injury attorney, is knee injuries. With my office’s special attention to motorcycle accidents, they are at least a part of almost every accident we see but the honest truth is that a knee injury is one of the most frequently occurring injuries of any type associated with auto accidents and unfortunately, also one of the types of injuries that people take least seriously. The reason I say unfortunately is that knee injuries, even ones that may appear minor at the time, can have a long-lasting effect on a person’s life many years down the road.

The knee is the largest single collection of joints in the body and the load it carries and stability it provides affects every part of our mobility, it also makes it vulnerable to stress damage. This is particularly true if the joint has already been injured in the past. Because of this, no knee injury should ever be taken lightly. Even if you are not in extreme pain or there is no swelling evident, don’t simply believe that you can walk it off or that it will be OK with rest. See a qualified physician and get their expert opinion.

Types of Knee Injuries

Auto Accidents and Slips and Falls

There are many types of knee injuries that you can suffer. The types most commonly associated with auto accidents- as well as slip and fall injuries- are those resulting from impact to and the damaging of the kneecap.

The most severe of these can result in a patella fracture (broken kneecap). The knee cap may break into two or more pieces and treatment for a break of this type can range from casting and immobilization to surgeries where the patella has to be wired back together.

The more severe results from this type of injury, though, are the long-term effects it can have. In many cases, the long-term effect is the softening of the underside of the kneecap. To avoid getting too technical, suffice it to say, this can result in the eventual need to remove or replace the kneecap. The other common result is the development of post-traumatic or post-injury arthritis which often leads to knee degeneration. In either case, the results are a lifetime of pain and mobility problems.

Motorcycle Accidents

Due to the fact that on a bike the rider is so exposed, motorcycle accidents tend to be much harder on the people involved. Attend any motorcycle rally and you will be sure to more than just a few bikers hobbling as they walk.

The simple truth is that any type of knee injury that you can imagine can result from having an accident on a motorcycle. That is why we always stress dressing for the ride in these posts. The protection you put on your body is pretty much all you have to safeguard you when things wrong.

The human knee is a marvel of engineering. Not one but three joints that work in unison to provide us not just mobility but stability and flexibility. Walking, climbing stairs, stooping even sitting comfortably, can all be affected by damage to the knee. And, an unfortunate fact is that when a knee suffers damage, the full extent of that damage may not become evident for months or even years after the initial injury.

I cannot overstress how important this subject can be to your long-term health and quality of life. If you have suffered a knee injury, even if it was just bumping it on the dash of your car, don’t take for granted that it get better on its own. Seek medical attention immediately.