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Sinclair Law focuses on helping the residents of Brevard County seek justice in
Personal Injury cases involving:

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injury related to Motorcycle and Auto Accidents
Attorney Brad Sinclair has more than 40 years of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
experience; practicing law in the state of Florida since 1984. At Sinclair Law, we protect
the safety and rights of victims of personal injury cases including auto accidents,
motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and personal injury. We are committed to providing
exceptional service to the residents of Brevard County.

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Personal Injury

Do I need a personal injury attorney in FL? Personal injury is the name
given to the type of tort law that covers any wrong or damage done to another
person. Personal Injury does not include damage done to one’s property,
however, it does include claims for the death of a family member as a result of
someone else’s negligence. A personal injury can happen in a traffic accident,
at work, from a dog bite, a boating accident, because of a faulty product or a
faulty repair, because of a mistake during medical treatment, or because you
slipped and fell on a wet floor. The personal injury can be physical or
psychological but, to be considered actionable, it must occur due to the
negligence or unreasonably unsafe actions of your employer, a manufacturer,
your doctor, your landlord, or some other person or organization who owes you
a duty of ordinary care.

Motorcycle Accident

As one of the premier motorcycle lawyers in Melbourne, Florida, Brad Sinclair
knows the particulars of Florida motorcycle laws and insurance regulations. His
knowledge and experience will help you obtain compensation for your motorcycle
injuries as well as for property damage. Sinclair Law Offices have been helping
personal injury victims of motorcycle accidents in Brevard County since 1995.
When you’re in a motorcycle accident, you quickly discover that it is costly and
complicated. Not only did you likely sustain personal injuries, your bike is damaged
too. Retaining a Melbourne motorcycle injury lawyer quickly is critical in putting
yourself in the best position

Auto Accident

Although auto accidents by definition are never intentional, they do happen, despite
all we do to keep ourselves safe on the roads. Many factors come into play in an auto
accident: driver fault, road contitions, vehicle crashworthiness. Unfortunately, even
with ever-increasing automobile safety requirements, injuries do occur.

When all is said and done, when the vehicles are towed away, the ambulances have
carried off the injured, it all boils down to one thing: insurance issues.

Your insurance policy is one of the most confusing documents you have in your home
and working with your insurance company is one of the most difficult processes you
ever have to deal with. In order to get your claim settled, and settled properly, you
need to understand the insurance industry and the claims process and be able to
successfully negotiate with the insurance adjustors.

Auto accident attorney Brad Sinclair has over 30 years experience in personal injury
cases and holds your recovery, both physically and financially, above all else. He has
been personally involved in every case that has come through his personal injury law

Sinclair law has earned the reputation of legal excellence through a history of
successfully managing insurance companies to maximize compensation for you, our

Truck Accident

Accidents involving tractor trailers often result in more serious injuries than an
accident involving two cars. Truck accidents are extrememely costly to both trucking
companies and their insurance companies and they will both work hard to secure
information in their favor at the scene of an accident.

Understanding the mechanics of a trucking accident and hiring the right “expert
witnesses” can make or break your case. You need an experienced semi truck
accident lawyer familiar with the unique nature of truck accidents to represent you and
defend your rights.

Trucking companies use GPS technology to closely track the location and speed of
their trucks. This information is extremely important and Sinclair Law Offices
understands this, working swiftly to obtain, interpret and use this data when defending
your rights after a trucking accident.

Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. Of these,
approximately 5,000 result in fatalities. Most of the deaths and injuries involve the
passengers of vehicles while the drivers of the tractor-trailers usually escape truckvehicle collisions with little or no personal injury. Due to the large size of trucks, when
a semi truck operator fails to consider proper safety precautions, an accident can
greatly endanger the lives of people in smaller vehicles.

Dog Bite

Florida is a strict liability state. By state law, a dog owner is strictly liable when their dog
bites someone. Some other states have what is known as the one bite rule, which does
not impose liability upon the dog owner until after they are aware the dog has bitten
someone in the past. While Florida’s strict liability statute holds the dog owner
responsible, finding adequate insurance coverage to compensate for the damages the
animal caused may be more challenging.

Homeowner insurance companies are well aware of the financial exposure caused by
dog bites. The average dog bite cost nationwide has been steadily increasing over the
years, while the number of dog bites has actually been decreasing

Chapter 767 of the Florida Statutes pertains to Damage by dogs and the specific dog
owner’s liability for damages to persons bitten.There are many unique issues that
pertain to injuries suffered by children that Sinclair Law Offices can guide you
through.Contact our office today at (321) 253-4200 to discuss your particular case.

Maritime Accident

Representation may be available for passengers and crew injured in accidents,
assaults or by reason of illnesses on cruise ships, tankers, motorboats, personal water
craft or other vessels. In addition to representing clients that are injured in boating and
maritime accidents, Attorney Brad Sinclair is extremely interested in underwater

As a certified SCUBA diver, licensed in 1979 by NAUI – National Association of
Underwater Instructors, Brad Sinclair has worked as a subcontractor with the Mel
Fisher Group to search for treasure on the Spanish Plate Fleet that sank during a
hurricane in 1715 off the East coast of Florida.

Brad Sinclair currently represents individuals and companies that are engaged in the
search for historical shipwrecks around the globe. In this capacity, he meets with
government officials and other interested parties to negotiate the terms required for
the issuance of permits for the exploration and the salvage of historical sunken

Aviation Accident

A licensed pilot, aviation attorney Brad Sinclair has represented clients in general,
agricultural and commercial aviation and personal injury cases since 1995
throughout Brevard County

The most common causes of personal injury on an airplaine come from accidents
like slips and trips in tight quarters and attacks by angry or irrational passengers. In
the case of an aviation accident, it may take months to discover the cause.

If you have questions about personal injury laws, plane crashes and injuries, and
your rights, contact us or call us at 321.253.4200 for a Free Lawyer Consultation.

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