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In a perfect world, you could pick any personal injury attorney at random and know that your case would be handled in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world, and all lawyers are not created equal. Just as some mechanics specialize in motorcycles and others focus on cars, attorneys also have their specialties. Beyond this, just like mechanics, some are simply better at what they do than others.

If you have suffered an injury, due to the negligence of others, picking the right personal injury lawyer could be one of the most important decisions of your life. It could affect you monetarily and have a profound impact on your health and quality of life from now on.

To help you make the right choice, here are a few pointers.

Pick a Specialist

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident you want an attorney who is accustomed to handling motorcycle accident claims. If the incident you were involved in occurred on a cruise ship, you will need an attorney familiar with Maritime Law.

Always Pick a Local Personal Injury Attorney

Big law firms with big offices may have some star appeal, but it is your local attorneys who know the legal climate in the area. This gives them the advantage of knowing how to steer through the local courts most efficiently as well as what to say when and what shouldn’t be said at all, depending on the audience.

Do Your Research

As stated at the beginning of this article, not all lawyers are created equal. A good place to start researching is with The Florida Bar Association. From them, you can learn if there have been any petitions filed or charges of misconduct levied against an attorney you are considering.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Just because you speak with an attorney doesn’t mean you have to hire them. If an attorney doesn’t have time to sit down with you, they probably don’t have enough time to attend to your case properly. Always interview an attorney before you hire them.

A few questions you might want to ask are:

  • What percentage of their cases do they settle out of court?
  • How many cases, like yours, they have handled?
  • Will they be handling the case personally?
  • What are their terms and conditions?

Things to Watch Out for and Remember

  1. Remember it is your attorney’s job to look out for your best interest first and always. It is not about them or their case load; it is about your case. They should answer when you call.
  2. A personal injury attorney should never ask for money upfront. Fees should always be on a contingency basis.
  3. A lawyer that isn’t willing to go to court won’t fight to get you everything you deserve. Never settle for an attorney that always settles out of court.
  4. Your attorney works for you not the other way around. They should listen to what you have to say and not be pushy.
  5. If you are unhappy with how your case is being handled, you can fire your lawyer.

Even a minor injury can have severe, long-term effects. Whether it causes you to have mobility issues, affects your ability to interact with your family, diminishes your earning capacity or impacts your life in any other way. You need the right lawyer to see that you are justly compensated. It is not a decision to be taken lightly or made in haste. Research, interview, decide and hire.

I’m Brad Sinclair of Sinclair Law. If you have been injured through the negligence of others and are in The Melbourne Florida area, I would love to hear from you. Sinclair Law, going the extra mile for you.