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The majority of articles that get posted here are either about legal matters or subjects that I feel would help my clients stay safe and sane in their daily lives. This week I would like to step outside those boxes, just a little and speak to you about a subject that is dear to my heart and I feel very in tune with the holiday season. That is the way we tend to perceive people by their appearance and judge them by preconceived prejudices we carry in our heads.

It is no secret, in fact, I am proud of the fact that one of the primary focuses of my personal injury practice is serving the motorcycle community here in Florida. Despite the way that they are usually portrayed by the major media outlets, along with the entertainment industry, the biking community is made up of some of the kindest, hardest working and most patriotic people I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some hard cases that ride, but every group has its bad apples and you can’t judge every leather clad, inked person, riding a hog by these few bad seeds. Any more than you can judge all lawyers by the corporate defense hacks or all ministers by Jim Bakker and Creflo Dollar.

Here are a few facts you might not be familiar with.


On the whole, in excess of sixty percent of all motorcycle riders in the United States are Military Veterans and in recognized motorcycle clubs this percentage is much higher with many clubs being made up of nothing but people who have served their country in uniform.

Within these clubs, many veterans, including those who have suffered disabling injuries, find support and are provided benefits that they were promised, but were never able to receive, from the government that sent them in harm’s way.

Each year, tens of thousands of bikers take to the road to help raise money for veteran relate charities and to bring Christmas gifts and hope to those wounded warriors that are still confined in our Veterans Facilities and Military Hospitals, around the country.

These are the people you lock your car doors when you see them.

Charity Work

Beyond the good works that Motorcycle Clubs do with our veterans, they are very active in a great number of other forms of public service that you are not likely to hear about on the evening news.

  • One, the annual “MDA Ride for Life” pits club against club, to see who can raise the most donations and garner the most riders for their cause, and has become one of the leading fundraisers for this organization.
  • Considering what we talked about above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that MC’s across the country are heavily involved in the Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” Program.
  • BACA, an organization made up exclusively of hardcore bikers, will provide around the clock security and support to children who are the victims of child abuse. Free of charge and for as long as the child feels they are needed.

These are just three of better-known charities that motorcycle clubs and riding organizations in the United States help support. There are dozens of others on a national scale and literally thousands of local charities who depend heavily on the riding community for support. Because they chose to not seek the spotlight, most of their efforts will never be noticed by the general public.

As my grandfather used to say, “Sometimes you have look beyond the skin and see the soul.” The members of the biking community are just like everyone else in this country. They work jobs, raise kids and give of themselves, without expecting anything in return.

I know this has been an odd piece to find on a personal injury attorney’s blog, but it is the season of giving and I just wanted to give a little insight and credit to my brothers of the road. Merry Christmas!