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Every year well over 60 million people visit the state of Florida. A great many of them are motorcyclists, that either come here for the many rallies held up and down the coast or who are simply drawn by the magnificent riding weather that our state offers, well after the rest of the country has gone into the freeze zone.

While all this tourist traffic is definitely a boom for many of the local businesses, it does mean that the roads can get terribly congested once Snowbird season sets in. And nothing can suck the fun out of a day in the saddle faster than dodging little old blue-haired ladies and their myopic husbands, while trying to enjoy the wind and sunshine.

Thankfully as a resident of Melbourne and my long affiliation with the local bike community, representing them as a personal injury attorney, I have found several trails that are more or less off the tourist maps and can offer you the joy that only the solitude of the road and Florida’s wondrous scenery can deliver.

Sebastian Loop

I love this route partly, because it basically starts in my front yard and is an easy 100-mile loop. Just perfect for me to unwind on after a hard day in court.

  • Starting off in Melbourne, you head south down Highway 1 till you get to Wabasso. From there cut over to Wabasso Beach on 510 and then head back North on A1A which will bring you back around to Highway 1.
  • One of the great advantages of this route is that you can run the entire loop, North or South, or cut it short, in several places, by simply grabbing a cutoff between 1 andA1A.

The roads are smooth and offer opportunities for some high-speed runs. The scenery is a wonderful mix along Indian River with wildlife very abundant, Yet, there is more than a spattering of restaurants, pubs and sports bars for you to grab a bit to eat.

192 Melbourne to Saint Cloud

This run is a joy all by itself. Open farmland, wooded stretches, livestock grazing, small town America, and lakes galore are all part of what this relaxing ride brings to the table.

  • Starting in Melbourne, just grab 192 and head West, that is all the directions you need.
  • Part of the beauty of this ride is that once you reach St. Cloud, if you want a different route home, you can either head North on 441 through Kissimmee and circle back via 417, 528 and then I-95 South.
  • Or head South through such Metropolises as Yeehaw Junction and circle back on either I-95 North or catch Highway 1 back up the coast, your choice. Either direction is a sweet ride, depending on how much time you have to spend.

Too often with my work, as a personal injury attorney, I get stressed out and need a little solitude and wind in my face, to help me stay in balance. I’m sure you can relate to the feeling. These two runs have been helping keep a clear head for years and I believe they will do the same for you.

I hope you find this article of some use and remember if you are ever in need of an attorney, specializing in motorcycle accidents, Sinclair Law is always stands ready to serve.