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I must be ignorant. I just don’t understand what the great desire or need is to raise the maximum speed limit to 75mph. Some of the arguments for the increase include: “Well, people already drive over the speed limit anyway.” Really? All studies show that driving at higher speeds increases the severity of injuries and fatalities. We serve auto accident victims in law, but we don’t want to see more people hurt. Also, where are all the people who want to conserve energy? Common sense will tell you that the faster you go, the less gas mileage you will get. I hate to tell you, but the people who drive slow are going to keep driving slow. If the legislature wants to increase the average speed on our highways to 85 then they should pass this law. Otherwise, leave it alone. One more thing to consider. We don’t have any state inspection required on our vehicles in Florida. I am not saying that we should, but there are a lot of cars on our highways that shouldn’t be going 75mph in the first place. Let’s see what happens with this one.

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