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Four Ways to Avoid Getting Hit From Behind

One of the most common and dangerous collisions on the road is a rear-end crash. These accidents can happen at any speed and often lead to deadly chain reactions.

In most cases, the trailing driver is considered to be at fault in these collisions. However, there are ways to avoid these crashes, even if you are in the lead vehicle.

Brad Sinclair, an accident lawyer in Brevard County, has a few tips for drivers that can help them from becoming a victim of a rear-end crash:

  • Avoid tailgaters. Most of the time, a rear-end crash occurs when one driver is following too closely behind another on the road. If on the highway, slow down or pull over to allow the tailgater to pass. Speeding up will often encourage the tailgater to do the same, which could mean both vehicles are traveling at unsafe speeds.
  • Avoid sudden lane changes. A quick shift from one lane to another will often leave too little space between vehicles, which can result in a rear-end collision. Always ensure there is enough distance between your vehicle and the one behind you before changing lanes.
  • Avoid sudden stops. Numerous rear-end crashes occur at intersections, often because the lead driver noticed the light was changing and suddenly slams on the brakes. Keep your attention on the road and watch for traffic lights to change, giving yourself enough time to slow down as you approach the red light.
  • Watch your gearshift. Surprisingly, some rear-end crashes happen when a driver accidentally shifts their vehicle into reverse while stopped at a red light. Keep your hands on the wheel while waiting for the light to avoid this unintended occurrence.

Because accidents can and will happen when you least expect it, injury lawyer Brad Sinclair can help protect your rights when you have been involved in a traffic accident.