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Slip and fall accidents are one of the biggest causes of personal injury in workplaces. Sometimes, these unfortunate accidents are the result of negligence or unsafe conditions. Because property owners and building managers are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for employees, they need to be aware of any dangerous conditions on their property. If they do not, they may be held responsible for injuries that occur on the premises and could have to pay expensive heath care and legal costs.

There are three main types of people who enter a workplace: those who are invited in, those who are licensed to enter, and those who enter without the owner’s permission. The first group typically includes customers and employees, and a building owner takes responsibility for the safety of these people. Licensed persons and trespassers are not under the liability of the owner.

If employees or customers are injured in a workplace because of unsafe circumstances, they can sue the building owner, resulting in significant financial penalties. To prevent injuries, make sure all employees report unsafe conditions as soon as possible. Assign an employee to periodically monitor the building for spills, dangerous wires, or improperly balanced machines. Always be sure to maintain and inspect appliances and machinery regularly, and have scheduled, periodic building safety inspections to find potential danger sites.

If you are the owner of a workplace or business, it is critical to your business that you are constantly aware of the state of your premises and any potential pitfalls. Unless you can prove you could not have prevented an accident or that the accident occurred through the actions of the injured person, you may have to hire an attorney.

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