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Biking Under the Influence Is a Bad Idea

When the weather gets warm, motorcyclists love to ride. In Florida, the weather is warm all year around, so it’s almost always a perfect time to get out, enjoy the sun, and two-wheel to your heart’s content. However, fun in the sun for some riders means adult beverages, which can end up being dangerous. Florida motorcycle lawyer Brad Sinclair urges riders to stay safe – and not become a statistic – by driving sober.

Here are some important facts about motorcycle drivers who have a bit too much to drink:

Florida motorcycle lawyer Brad Sinclair urges all riders not to have a drink before they get behind their motorcycle. The risks are simply too great, and a glass of beer or shot of whisky isn’t worth a life. Stay away from alcohol when biking, and avoid becoming a statistic.

In the event that you need a Florida motorcycle injury lawyer for a collision, whether it involved alcohol or not, get in contact with Brad Sinclair. Brad has been a lover of motorcycles for years, and works hard to protect his clients. His goal is to ensure they get the compensation they deserve for wrongful injury.