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At Sinclair Law, we enter every case with the same goal in mind. That goal is, receiving maximum compensation for our client in the least amount of time possible. If the case is fairly simple and the defense attorneys know that they are going to have a hard time disproving their client’s liability, this may involve nothing more than us having to push the insurance company to do what we all know is the right thing and pay you the compensation that is justly yours.

As we all know, though, Insurance companies are not very fond of parting with money and since their lawyers are on the payroll, they will gladly let us take them to court if they believe it will save them a penny or two.

If your personal injury case does become a lawsuit, you will more than likely be asked to take the stand and testify. This can be a make or break point in the case as no one can make the jury feel your pain as well as you can, in your own words.

To help you be better prepared for that day here is a little helpful advice.

5 tips for giving testimony in a personal injury case:

  1. Dress Appropriately- Just as in everyday life, people form opinions based on first impressions. Be sure you make a good one on the jury. Dress conservatively but naturally for you. Juries can smell fake airs and it won’t help your case.
  2. The Truth, and Nothing but The Truth- Stick to the facts and only the facts. Embellishments won’t usually help and lies, if found out, will destroy your case. So, save the grand tales for the hunting camp, poker table, beauty shop and girl’s night out.
  3. Don’t Offer New Information- If you remember something while testifying, which hasn’t been brought out before, keep it to yourself. If asked, tell the truth, of course. But, the witness stand is not the place to start introducing new information, YOUR LAWYER doesn’t even know about.
  4. Stay Cool- Insurance defense attorneys are not known for being the nicest people in the courtroom. They will try to make you out a liar, cause you to lose your temper, and attack your credibility in a dozen different ways to win their case. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Let them do their worst and turn red with frustration when you play like a peaceful Buddha on the stand.
  5. Be yourself- Life may be a stage, but the witness box isn’t. Stay calm, stay cool and just be yourself. Your time on the stand could possibly have a great impact on the rest of your life. It is not a time to try out new jokes or be overly dramatic.

Going to court can be a very unnerving experience, especially when it is your life that is the subject of a lawsuit. Having to testify can many times, make these feelings of unease even more intense. Relax, you will be well prepared long before you ever have to take the stand. That is part of the personalized service that a good lawyer and their team will provide.

We hope that if you are ever involved in a lawsuit and have to go to court these few bits of advice will be of some help and comfort to you.

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