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Top Tips for Safe Biking

Summer has officially begun, and with summer comes the joy of riding. Getting out on the open road and enjoying the wind on your face is an incredible experience, but safety should always be a concern anytime you take out your motorcycle. In summer, that need for safety increases, particularly in the Florida area, due to increased tourism. Knowing these key tips may help save your life, or at least save you money in repairs or the replacement of your motorcycle.

The first item on cruising this summer in safety is taking proper care of the motorcycle once it has been taken out of winter storage. It is always a good idea to survey the bike and make sure everything is in proper working order.

  • Test all lights and signals, as well as the brakes, to be certain they are functional.
  • Check the fuel and oil quality and levels.
  • Make sure to lube the chain, and adjust it as necessary to meet manufacturer specs.
  • Properly position mirrors for the best view of rear traffic.
  • Double-check for fraying or wear on motorcycle cables.
  • Consider a brush-up course for rider training and skills.

Second, invest in the best gear to protect the head and body from injury in the event of a crash. Wearing improper clothing or protective headgear can result in injuries that may lead to loss of limbs or even death.

  • Acquire a helmet that fits well, is durable, and has high quality construction. If it doesn’t include a face shield, then make sure to wear goggles with safety lenses to protect the eyes.
  • Leather may be the cliché of the motorcycle world, but it is used so prevalently for a reason. It is the best protective outerwear available in the event of an accident. Consider a brighter color for better visibility to other drivers.
  • Boots are the best footwear option when riding. They cover the ankles, and generally are made of a tougher material than ordinary sneakers. Avoid open-toed shoes.
  • Make sure any gloves worn have non-slip grooves to provide more control while riding.

And finally, be extremely cognizant of traffic at intersections; further, be sure you know how to brake effectively. A large portion of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, so it is important to pay attention to the vehicles nearby and be prepared to brake suddenly. With the appropriate gear, training, and awareness, an accident can often be avoided completely. Knowing what to do in the event of an unexpected vehicle in your way is very helpful for continued safety.

A new option available on current bikes is the anti-lock brake feature, which is a proven life-saver. Another basic tip is to avoid riding in inclement weather. Anti-lock brakes or not, rain, ice, and snow can cause hydroplaning, skidding, and sliding which inevitably lead to an accident. Additionally, avoid sudden turns while riding in these types of weather, as it can result in the motorcycle losing traction and sliding at high speeds.

It is always preferable to avoid an accident in the first place, but if one does happen, contact Sinclair Law to receive the best guidance and representation for a personal injury lawsuit. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with motorcycle personal injury lawsuits, and we are more than capable of providing the best information and direction necessary to win your case.