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We now have a primary enforcement law when it comes to wearing a seatbelt in Florida. What does that mean? It means Florida drivers can be pulled over solely for not wearing a seatbelt and fined accordingly. This is a change from the old seatbelt law which required law enforcement to recognize another violation such as speeding, or a broken tail light etc…, prior to having authority to pull you over.

The new law, effective June 30, 2009 requires all front seat occupants to wear a seatbelt. It also requires anyone else in the vehicle that is under the age of 18 to be buckled or in a car seat, no matter where they are sitting.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 87 percent of drivers wear seatbelts in states with a primary seatbelt law. This is approximately 14 percent higher than states without it. The NHTSA estimates Florida can expect to save 124 lives each year with this new law, not to mention those who will be spared from serious injuries.

One more caveat. Florida stands to receive around $36 million from the federal government for enacting this law as a part of the 2005 Highway Bill.