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The Sinclair team handled a case involving a slip and fall in a local restaurant. Our client fell as a result of improper upkeep and maintenance of an ice machine. Through our investigation, it was discovered that management was aware of this safety hazard but decided not to resolve the issue until after our client was injured. As a result of management’s negligence, our client required spine surgery to repair her injuries from her fall. After much negotiation, Sinclair Law Offices was able to secure a settlement for the client in the amount of $310,000.00

While many people tend to make light of a slip and fall accident, the consequences of a fall can be severe. Such an accident may result in a serious or debilitating injury; such as herniated or bulging discs, fractures, breaks, broken bones, a head injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, neck injury, back injury, shoulder injury, knee injury, and muscle and ligament injury. Attorney Brad Sinclair has over 25 years of experience in premises liability cases. He is personally involved in every case. Staffed with former claims adjustors, Sinclair Law is able to provide sound insight into the insurance industry: knowledgeable to how they process claims and perceptive to how they value cases. We will provide advice on medical professionals to help speed your recovery; and assist you on the back end negotiating medical coverage. Sinclair Law Offices knows the particulars of Florida Premises Liability laws and insurance regulations that help you obtain maximum compensation for injuries.

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