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Driving at night can be dangerous. Visibility is decreased, and the later you’re out, the higher the number of drunk drivers are on the road. If you’re driving a motorcycle, an accident can be even more serious. It’s important to make sure you’re operating your motorcycle safely at night. Below are a few tips for avoiding serious injuries by practicing safe nighttime driving:

  • Wear bright clothing: You don’t necessarily have to wear a neon yellow or orange vest, but you should at least wear a brightly colored jacket or reflective outerwear. This will help drivers to see you at night. Even if they can’t see your brake light they will still be able to avoid rear-ending you.
  • Check your motorcycle lights: Many manufacturers use small brake lights for aesthetic purposes and angle the headlight toward the ground more than is strictly necessary to avoid blinding other drivers. Unfortunately, this can result in automobile drivers not seeing motorcycles until it’s too late. Install brighter or larger lights if necessary to improve your visibility, and consider LED lights if you really want to light your way.
  • Keep to tire tracks: One common cause of nighttime motorcycle wrecks is debris in the road. Fallen tree branches, bits of tire, and litter can all causes a motorcyclist to lose control and crash. By staying in the tire tracks of previous cars, a motorcyclist is less likely to hit these impediments, as they have already been swept off the road.
  • Drive defensively: A motorcyclist should always practice defensive driving, especially at night. Stay away from other vehicles in case their drivers have been drinking, and be on constant alert for approaching headlights and the sound of another engine.

Even if you follow these tips, there is no guarantee that you won’t one day get into a wreck. If a drunk or careless driver hurts you, then you need to talk with a motorcycle injury lawyer. Any motorcyclists near Melbourne, Florida are advised to contact Sinclair Law.