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Wearing a helmet is one of the best steps you can take to improve your safety when you ride a motorcycle. Some motorcyclists don’t like wearing helmets, and in many states it is their right to choose not to wear one. If you do decide to buy a helmet, however, there are a few factors you should consider when picking out the right one. The following are tips for choosing a motorcycle helmet.

  • Know your head shape: A helmet should fit snugly on a rider’s head, not pressing too hard on the sides or the front. If your head is long from back to front, then you will need a longer, narrower helmet. A head that is wider will need a rounder helmet. Not only will this keep your head most protected in the event of an accident, it will also greatly improve the riding experience.
  • Buy the right type of helmet: Helmets come in different styles for different types of riding, so consider the type of biking you do before making this investment. If you have a touring bike and only ever use it for long road trips, then you will want a helmet with proper ventilation, sound protection, and ideally a facemask to protect from prolonged wind and sun exposure. A sport bike, used for racing or motorsports, requires riders to sit in a hunched-over posture. A sport helmet needs vent placements that properly catch the air from this position.
  • Buy a safety-tested helmet: While some helmet safety features are required by governmental laws, there are also third-party safety ratings. Make sure you buy a helmet that has been rated based on a comprehensive collection of crash tests so that you can vastly decrease your chance of injury should you get in a wreck.

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