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Simply watching motorcycles rip and roar down the road is exhilarating; you don’t even have to be on one to appreciate their power. They are even more impressive when ridden safely and respectfully. Motorcycles are thrilling, but they aren’t nearly as safe as cars. In fact, the danger they present is a huge part of their appeal.

There are several practical benefits to riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are efficient, using very little fuel and taking up minimal space. They offer more freedom than cars and that’s why we love them, but it is necessary to be aware of the risks they pose. Motorcycles lack an exterior frame to absorb collision forces. Instead, these forces are transferred directly to the bike and the rider. Motorcycles don’t have seat belts, and because they have only two wheels they are simply not as stable as cars.

Fortunately, motorcycle riding doesn’t have to be a life or death situation. There are several precautions motorcyclists can take to make roads safer:

  • If you wear a helmet, always wear a high-quality helmet that fits well.
  • Wear safety goggles or glasses if your helmet does not have a face shield.
  • Wear leather protective gear.
  • Wear durable non-slip gloves.
  • Wear sturdy boots that cover your ankles.
  • Know what your bike can and cannot do.
  • Respect all speed limits.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Always signal.
  • Don’t weave through traffic.
  • Don’t drive on the shoulder.
  • Stay visible – wear bright colors, stay out of blind spots, and always use headlights.
  • Check and double-check mirrors before changing lanes.
  • Stay alert at intersections.
  • Watch the road and traffic ahead to anticipate hazards and problems.
  • Brake smart – use both brakes simultaneously.

Following these tips and making smart choices will help you avoid danger. For more information on safe riding and biking resources check out the Sinclair Law website.