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It’s that time of year again. Biketoberfest® is once again coming to Daytona Beach. Being lucky enough to live in Melbourne, Florida, only a short cruise down the highway, I have to admit that this is probably my favorite bike rally of the year.

Not only is it close to home, but you would be hard pressed to find better riding weather, anywhere in the world, than our area has this time of year. It is not too hot, not too cool, not too sticky and providing the storms cooperate, as close to prime cruising weather as you will ever find.

There is one downside to all this fun, though. Along with all the Snowbirds crowding the highways, the large crowds Biketoberfest® draws can make the traffic horrendous. And, if you have been riding a motorcycle long at all, you know that riding in heavy traffic is some of the most dangerous time you will ever spend in the saddle.

This brings us to the purpose of this article. I take great pride in my work as a personal injury attorney with a special focus on helping my fellow riders, but, if possible, I would rather save you from having a need for my legal services. To that end, let me offer you a few bits of advice that will hopefully keep you safe when riding in heavy traffic.


5 Safety Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

 1. Watch Drivers’ Heads and Mirrors

Two points here. If you can’t see the driver’s eyes, in their mirrors, they can’t see you and people instinctively look where they want to go. If you watch the heads of the drivers around you that split second of warning you get, from them glancing to the side, could be the difference between you being safe and becoming road kill.


2. Gear down to Power Through

Yes, motorcycles fall down, but they can also out accelerate most everything else on the road and are very maneuverable. Take full advantage of this, when riding in traffic and stay in a lower gear than normal. Many times, you can accelerate out of a bad situation instead of stopping in the middle of it.


3. Bob and Weave

Another advantage that two wheels have over a four-wheels is that they are much freer to use the entire lane. Don’t be afraid to pull right or left to see what is happening down the road or to avoid danger zones.


4. Don’t be the Flasher Guy

We all know the frustration of being stuck behind a vehicle with its turn signal on. Are they going to turn? When are they going to turn? This is bad in a car but on a bike, it can be deadly. Other people may assume you are actually signaling a turn when you just didn’t turn your flasher off from the last one and pull out in front of you. So, work that thumb. Better a worn out switch and sore thumb than becoming a hood ornament.


5. Don’t Shoot Intersections

This one should be self-explanatory, in most cases, but let me add a further note of caution beyond the obvious. It may look really cool to rocket away as soon the light turns green but if someone on the cross-street decides to squeeze a lemon the results could be bad. Save drag racing for the drag strip.


There is really no other event like Biketoberfest® The music, races, socializing and comradely are second to none and I hope to have a chance to see you there. I also hope that your visit is a safe one full of great memories.