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This week we are going to try and wrap up our series on “Protecting Your Health and Finances after an Auto Accident”. So far our focus has primarily been on taking care of your health, making sure your medical cost is covered and that you receive just compensation for any injuries that you may have suffered.

There is another victim involved the accident, though that needs caring for and can be of major importance to your welfare, at the same time, your vehicle.

They Don’t Build Them As They Used To

Not so long ago, at least not that far back for someone my age, cars, trucks and even motorcycles were built out of steel and iron. They were big, heavy, built to last and tough as tanks. Today vehicles are a little different.

Today’s vehicles are built with an eye towards fuel economy, ease of manufacturing, and maximum performance with minimum power. This isn’t to say that they are not safe. Today’s cars are probably safer than they have ever been, but they are nowhere near as sturdy as they used to be.

They are built out of lighter materials and engineered to such tight tolerances that many parts are positively delicate.

Hidden Damages

What this all means to you is: just because you don’t see any major damage to your ride doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. Electronic components can be damaged or loosened by shock. Suspension components can be warped or misaligned. Even the unibody itself can be crumpled and weakened to the point that the vehicle itself is no longer safe and all without any major damage being displayed to the untrained eye.

Let the Pros Handle It

In an earlier blog we discussed how important it was for you to have a complete medical examination as soon as possible after an accident. It is only slightly less so for your vehicle.

Since, YOU will be going to the Emergency Room to be examined, there is no reason for you not to have your vehicle taken to the dealership for a thorough once over and I want to stress THE DEALERSHIP. Whatever type of car you drive that company’s dealership should inspect it.

Yes, they are more expensive than some independent shops, but manufacturers today use many proprietary parts and systems. The brand dealership should have the proper equipment to check all of your vehicle’s systems and components for damage and as an added bonus, they will give a proper inspection rather than risk leaving their company open to possible liability should damages be found later.

For the majority of us, our transportation is an absolute necessity of life, right along with food and shelter. It is how we go to work, buy groceries, and reach all of our appointments whatever they may be. Having to get by without them would place us under extreme hardship.

At the same time, just as it can be a major expense to recoup our physical and emotional health after an accident, having a vehicle repaired, if it can be repaired, can run into the thousands of dollars, very quickly. This is not an expense you should have to absorb, if you are not at fault.

Having your car or truck get a full physical will go a long way towards protecting your life and future financial well being.