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Five Questions You Should Ask

Many people operate under the fallacy that a lawyer is a lawyer and that any of them can handle any type of case brought to them. This type of thinking can be very expensive when it comes to a Personal Injury Lawsuit or any other type of legal actions.

The facts are that there are many specialties in law and while you will find General Law Practices, they are not your best choice, when it comes to handling a case as sensitive and vital as a Personal Injury Lawsuit.

To help you determine if the lawyer you are talking to is the right one for your case, I present you with 5 questions you should always ask.

1. Do they only work cases with quick settlements or do they go to court if needed?

This may seem like a rather forward question, but it is at the top of the list for a reason. There are attorneys who spend their entire carriers doing nothing but settling cases, out of court. They would rather take any settlement than face the hard work of going to trial. If they can’t settle they will refer you to another attorney who will then have to try and get up to speed on your case, before going to trial.

2. Are they a board certified specialist in civil trials?

Every type of court case has its own set of rules governing proper procedures and processes. By assuring that your attorney is board certified by the Florida BAR Association you can rest assured that they won’t make any potentially costly procedural errors.

3. How long have they been doing personal injury work and how many jury trials have they worked?

Education is a wonderful thing, but there is no substitute for experience. If your case should go to trial you want an attorney that not only knows the rules of conducting a case, but one who has had experience in how to read and lead a jury.

4. Do they have the resources to properly investigate your case, including medical issues, before it starts?

If an attorney doesn’t have the physical and professional resources to conduct a complete and proper investigation of all the issues, associated with your case, it is not a very good sign that they will be able to handle your case professionally.

5. Do they need money up front or do they work on a contingency basis?

Any personal Injury lawyer, worth his salt, will operate on a contingency basis. This means that he wins only if you win and the larger the settlement he gets, for you, the more he makes. This makes you partners, in your case and gives you both a vested interest in seeing your case settled under the best possible circumstances.

Many people are uncomfortable asking a lawyer questions. This is understandable considering they are in a profession that we have been taught to respect. The facts are though, that there are good attorneys and ones that are less than sterling. There are honest lawyers and shysters. There are even defense lawyers.

Remember, you are not tied to an attorney until you sign a contract. In the State of Florida, the contingency fees that an attorney can charge are governed by law. This means working with the best will cost you no more than hiring the worst.

Having the right attorney, in your corner, is a key factor in how your case will be resolved. Don’t be nervous, do your research, ask your questions and make sure you get the best possible attorney for your case.