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Enjoying Motorcycling Safely with Your Pet

If you’ve ever watched television and seen a pet riding on a motorcycle with his or her owner, you might have thought that owner was a little crazy. Indeed, some people consider motorcycles scary enough for humans, let alone pets. If done correctly, motorcycling can be a great experience for both you and your pet. Longtime motorcyclist and biker advocate Brad Sinclair and the attorneys at Sinclair Law would like to show you how today.

Know and Obey the Law

All motorcyclists should be familiar with their states’ laws before taking a passenger of any kind out on a bike. Experienced cyclists are not off the hook – if you don’t usually have passengers or have never taken an animal for a motorcycle ride before, please review the relevant statutes. Sinclair Law has found that our Melbourne, FL clientele is often unfamiliar with some of the basics, such as how to use footrests or handlebars, or the fact that protective headgear is required even though helmets are not. If you have moved to another state, ask a local attorney’s office or cycling organization for copies of relevant laws before riding with a passenger – especially a pet.

Consider Your Pet Type

Just because you enjoy your motorcycle doesn’t mean your pet will, and the most laid-back pet may not be a good fit for biking. Cats in particular may not be well-suited to biking because they’ll want to climb all over the bike or jump out of a sidecar or carrier. Cats generally have a tougher time being restrained than dogs, and they’re more easily lost on the road. Conversely, don’t try to put your Great Dane on the back of your bike, and think twice about riding with toy breeds such as Chihuahuas or Maltese. If you’re an avid biker or use the bike as a primary vehicle, ask your vet for tips on how to acclimate your pet to the bike first.