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Being a motorcycle rider and working in a profession that is dedicated to the idea of justice, in all its facets, I find the image that many people hold of bikers very disturbing. It is not that I can’t understand their view. Bikers in Need - Sinclair LawConsidering the persona that is perpetrated by movies, television, news broadcast and the media in general, it is completely understandable that many people find them rather scary.

The truth, though, is that for every, so called, outlaw biker there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of motorcycle riders, including Hog riders that are nothing more than husbands, fathers and sons. Like the rest of the community they work jobs, love their wives and kids and yes, have hearts as big as the entire outdoors. For us, here at Sinclair Law, we consider it a privilege, to be associated with people, of the caliber, that make up Brevard County Florida biker community.

Bikers in Need (The Bin) Foundation’s Benefit Ride

As a prime example of both, our commitment to the local motorcycling community and that community’s dedication to helping their own, we are proud to announce that, once again this year, we will be helping sponsor the Bikers in Need (BIN) Foundation’s Benefit Ride.

Sinclair supports BINOriginally conceived by our dear friend “Bear” Conaway, whom we recently lost to cancer, BIN’s sole purpose is to see that families, within the biker community, never have to go without food or the basic necessities of life. Thankfully, Bear’s wife Ellen has remained as loyal to his dream as she was to Bear during his short life and has continued his work since his passing.

The Event scheduled for April 4, 2015 will feature great live music, tasty food, 50/50, raffles, the ride itself, of course and the chance to meet and mingle with some of the greatest folks that you will ever have a chance to share fellowship with; your fellow Motorcycle enthusiast including those from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, who are lending their support by performing escort duty.

The cost of admission is only $5 plus and most importantly, a nonperishable food item, to help stock BIN’s Food Pantry. If you would like to give more it would be greatly appreciated, but there is no obligation.

Sinclair Laws Involvement

Brad Sinclair has been practicing personal injury and wrongful death law in the Melbourne/Cocoa Beach area for over 30 years. While his clientele is not exclusively bike riders, as a fellow motorcyclist he does feel a special bond with that portion of the community. That is why we here at Sinclair Law will be lending our support, just as we have every year since its inception, by donating our time and money, as well as providing event specific koozies and tents for the ride.

“Bear” Conaway was a friend of ours, but more importantly, he was a man who had a dream. Not a dream of being famous, wealthy or even recognized by his peers; a simple dream to never have to see a hungry, cold or destitute brother’s family again. He may be gone, but his dream lives on; in his wife, his friends and in Bin (Bikers in Need Foundation), the organization he founded to achieve that goal.

Join us April 4, 2015 and help us make that dream come true.