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Motorcycles Are Vehicles Too

The weather in Florida allows for motorcycles to be on the road year-round. But as the weather warms in other parts of the country, there are likely to be more riders about.

Brad Sinclair, a motorcycle injury lawyer in Brevard County, has long been a proponent of motorcycle safety. As a member of ABATE, American Bikers Aiming Toward Education, he works with riders to help them operate their bikes safely.

Sadly, no matter how safely a biker is driving his or her motorcycle, drivers of other vehicles tend to forget that motorcycles have as much right to be on the road as four-wheeled machines. In an effort to keep all drivers safe, Brad Sinclair suggests a few tips for drivers of larger vehicles to keep themselves and motorcycle riders safe this summer:

  • Give a lane. Just like a car, a motorcycle is entitled to a full lane on the highway.
  • Double check mirrors. Bikers can easily get lost in a blind spot on your vehicle. Always double check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and signal before doing so.
  • Leave extra space. When following a motorcycle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends leaving a three- to four-second gap to allow the rider extra time to react in case of an emergency.
  • Watch their signals. Unlike the turn signals in a car, those on a motorcycle often do not cancel automatically. Or, the rider might simply have forgotten it was on, which some also do. Be sure of the rider’s intent before attempting to pass the motorcycle.
  • Avoid distractions or impairments. As always, never drive distracted or impaired. This tip applies to every situation on the road, but is especially important when sharing the road with motorcyclists.

Brad Sinclair wants everyone – drivers and bikers – to be safe on the roads. In the event of a motorcycle accident, he can help protect your rights. Contact Sinclair Law today.