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Responding to pleas from AAA, Florida Highway Patrol, and Sheriffs around the state, Governor Scott has vetoed Senate Bill 392 which would have allowed the Department of Transportation the ability to raise speed limits in Florida.

This topic became an emotional one and this was really the best play for the Governor. With no real reason to raise speed limits other than saying we have roads that are desolate enough to travel faster on, it was the only choice that makes sense.

There really is no burden on us drivers for having a speed limit set at 70mph vs 75mph other than minimal travel time. We all know very few motorists are actually traveling the speed limit anyway. Opponents argued that raising the speed limits would embolden drivers to drive even faster resulting in more accidents.

Whether you agree with this or not, no one has presented any facts that our current speed limits present some type of problem that needs to be addressed. Therefore this is a good outcome in our opinion.