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We got our hands on a new State Farm policy which has new language and an endorsement for the new PIP (no fault) laws effective January 1, 2013. I started to write about the specific changes as to how the insurance companies will reimburse medical providers and realized that it is too confusing for the average consumer to understand. Suffice to say that you will either pay the same or in most cases, more, for much less coverage. There is no way around this fact. If the auto insurance carrier wants you to go to their doctor and give a statement under oath just because they feel like it, you have no choice but to cooperate. If you don’t, they won’t pay your bills. The burden put on the consumer will be much greater. You will have to prove by documentation from your medical provider that you have a certain type of injury to be fully compensated. Now you will have to convince your medical provider to give you documentation that you in turn will have to give to your carrier. You know how easy this task will be. This should be an interesting year ahead concerning this topic.