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Safer Driving During a Hurricane

As the weather warms up, many Floridians are beginning to prepare for hurricane season. While the Atlantic hurricane season officially encompasses the months between June and November, severe weather can take place at any point throughout the year. Read on for some invaluable advice about the safest way to drive if you are caught in severe tropical weather – and if you find yourself injured in a hurricane, don’t forget that an accident attorney in Brevard County, like the attorneys at Sinclair Law, is always on your side.

Be Prepared for Anything
If you know a hurricane is coming, leave the area beforehand – or stay indoors. Hurricanes can cause flooding, landslides, and even tornadoes. Your car should be stocked with plenty of gas, flashlights, extra batteries, food, water, and a fully charged phone. Don’t forget a first aid kit and necessary medications. Also remember to keep copies of important documents.

Drive Safely
Once the hurricane hits and you’re on the road, stay in your car. Look for shelter if at all possible. Don’t drive through flooded areas, since these can hide hazardous materials, causing damage to your engine or other parts of your car, or even carry your vehicle away. Drive slowly and steadily.

Live wires can sometimes be knocked down during a heavy storm. Don’t drive over these. You could get stuck, and they could make rescue dangerous or even impossible. Be aware of your surroundings, including large vehicles, trees, and shrubs.

What to Do in the Worst-Case Scenario
While we do everything we can to keep ourselves safe, sometimes adverse weather can be harmful. That’s why it’s important to have a personal injury attorney on your side. Sinclair Law, an accident attorney in Brevard County, Florida, can help make sense of your insurance policy even in the worst situations.