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According to Florida Statutes, any fireworks that leave the ground or explode are illegal for recreational use, unless handled by a professional?

“Almost anyone can buy exploding professional type fireworks all year long in Florida?” Says Brad Sinclair, “making it very difficult for law enforcement.”

Florida law allows anyone over 18 to purchase fireworks by signing a waiver, where the customer agrees to use the purchase under an exemption. The exemption found in Florida Statute 791.07, says “fireworks can be used solely and exclusively in frightening birds from agricultural works and fish hatcheries.”

“People are not buying fireworks to scare off birds so why isn’t anyone doing anything about this?” Ask Brad Sinclair. The reason is local law enforcement officials have their hands tied on this one. In order for them to cite someone, they have to actually witness the violation. Obviously when a marked police car pulls up, the fireworks stop. Practically speaking, unless the sale of fireworks is prohibited, or this “bird” loophole is closed, recreational fireworks will continue to be prevalent in Florida, especially around this time of year.

As the July 4th weekend approaches, do not forget why we are celebrating. On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and Democracy was born.

This weekend, many of you will be celebrating with family and friends. Please remember to be safe, whether you are boating, cooking out, swimming, or shooting off fireworks