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A motorcycle accident can have different repercussions that necessitate following a different protocol than an automobile accident. Many motorcycle riders aren’t fully aware of how to handle an accident or what their rights are following one. It’s important to protect yourself and understand your rights. How you act directly after a motorcycle accident can determine the harshness of its repercussions.

Immediately following a motorcycle accident you should:

  1. Do get safe first. Seek medical attention if needed.
  2. Do stay on the scene. Wait until information has been exchanged between all involved parties.
  3. Don’t admit fault to the other party involved.  Don’t argue with the other party and certainly do not apologize.
  4. Don’t sign anything. In order to preserve your rights, don’t sign any documents, especially forms from an insurer.
  5. Do report the accident.  Contact the local police department immediately.
  6. Do take photos of any injuries or damage to your motorcycle. Also take photos of streetlights and addresses. If there’s an issue in the future, having visual proof can help.
  7. Do contact a personal injury motorcycle accident attorney. Get in touch with a skilled, aggressive lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents. Ask them any questions regarding the accident.
  8. Don’t take the first estimate or agree to settle. Let your attorney negotiate with insurance companies. If they play hardball, you may need to go through litigation and trial in order to be fully compensated.

In order to safeguard yourself and protect your rights following an accident, it’s important that you are careful about who you speak with. Do not discuss the accident with insurance companies; let your lawyer do that. Retain copies of any medical records and bills and record all related expenses.

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