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3 Reasons to Speak Up About Slip and Fall Accidents

Many people blame themselves when they slip and fall. Instead of recognizing the irresponsibility of the building’s management, people blame their clumsiness or lack of awareness. However, many slip and fall accidents are due to unmarked spills in the workplace or to building owners ignoring unsafe conditions. Property owners should acknowledge slip and fall accidents and take responsibility for their negligence.

As always, involving a personal injury attorney as early as possible in the process will help your case. However, below are some tips for how to respond in a slip and fall accident:

  • Determine the reason for your fall. Sometimes falls are due to clumsiness on the part of the victim or failure to recognize a sign warning of unsafe conditions. Other times, however, signs are not erected designating an unsafe area, and innocent passers-by slip and fall due to a puddle or spill that had been ignored. This is negligence, and should be brought to the building owner’s attention.
  • Decide whether the situation warrants action. A fall may result in nothing more than wounded pride, but it could lead to a broken bone, a concussion, or worse. If a company or building manager was informed of a danger on their property and did nothing about it, they are responsible for the victim’s injury. A victim may choose to press charges and may end up getting a settlement from the negligent company.
  • Learn how to prove fault. If you believe that a building owner or manager knowingly ignored a dangerous situation and took no steps to protect the occupants of that building, you should be able to prove fault without too much difficulty. Talk to other workers and the person responsible for the spill or dangerous situation. Ascertain whether the building manager or owner was made aware of the situation and whether he or she gave any instructions regarding the danger.

Speaking up about unsafe conditions is also beneficial to more people than just for you. If you can bring a company or guilty party to justice for negligence, then you may prevent similar misfortunes from befalling others. Even if you’re unsure of whether you have a case, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer right away.