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Boating accidents are particularly dangerous because it is so easy for a person to drown. Even a minor boat accident that should cause no serious injuries could be fatal in the wrong circumstances. When you are on a waterway, you must practice safe boating.

One of the best ways to stay safe while boating is to know when boating accidents are most likely occur. The most dangerous times for boating are at night, in the early morning, and at the end of the day. The first two are dangerous mostly because of their low visibility, and all three pose potential risks based on the condition of the driver.

As a rule, drivers are likely to have slower reaction times and be less alert in the morning and at night. The low visibility and the fog that is often present over the water in the early morning can obscure dangers in the water, and a tired boat operator who is not paying full attention could end up endangering the life of everyone on board.

One of the biggest dangers of boating, just like operating any motorized vehicle, is using alcohol. Steering a boat while drunk is no less dangerous than driving a car while drunk. This is one of the primary dangers involved in boating during the late afternoon: boaters who have been enjoying drinks and soaking up the sun on the water all day are likely dehydrated and far more intoxicated than they realize. If they are in a hurry to get back home for dinner, they will pay even less attention to their surroundings and are more likely to cause a wreck.

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