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Sometimes in life, things just seem to work out the way you plan them. This was the case this past Saturday. Friday night, the weather for Saturday was not looking good. The weatherman insisted that Saturday would be an ugly rainy day and to plan accordingly. I decided that weathermen are only right 50% of the time so I would not let it bother me. You see, we had been planning and preparing for our event “Bikes of Days Gone By” for the next day. Rain would not be good. Nobody wants their antique motorcycle to get wet and very few like to walk around in the rain. If you attended this event, you know that the weather was perfect and the attendence was even better. We had an awesome day. The event was sponsored by Sinclair Law Offices and Matt’s Casbah and will certainly be an annual event for years to come. We are very excited to be a part of it. Check out our Facebook page and the Bikes of Days Gone By Facebook page for videos and photos of the event. Hope to see you next year.