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Four Ways to Tell if You’re an Aggressive Driver

It happens to everyone. Traffic is heavy on the freeway. Another driver has been tailgating you for miles. Frustration sets in and you do something rash.

No one wants to admit to “road rage,” but aggressive moves on the road can be deadly. They endanger everyone’s safety, including your own. Florida accident lawyer Brad Sinclair recognizes that these situations happen, and offers these tips to help identify and avoid potential aggressive driving:

  • Tailgating. Following another driver too closely for any period of time can quickly upset the lead driver. Additionally, should the lead driver need to stop suddenly, the tailgating driver will not have time to react, which could cause a deadly accident.
  • Cutting off. An abrupt lane change in front of another driver will almost certainly anger that person. Unless there is an immediate safety reason, allow adequate space before changing lanes.
  • Obstructive driving. The left lane on a divided highway is generally considered the fast lane. Driving slowly in this lane can frustrate drivers who want to use it to pass other vehicles.
  • Rude gestures. A common reaction to another driver’s actions is to flash rude gestures, which can only make the situation worse.

To keep everyone safe on the road, Brad Sinclair suggests the following techniques to avoid these potentially dangerous situations:

  • Tailgating. Keep at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you, and more if the weather is bad or you are traveling fast. Use a landmark, such as a signpost, and count the seconds it takes you to pass this object following the car ahead of you.
  • Cutting off. Watch your mirrors and wait until both headlights of the trailing vehicle can be seen in the rearview mirror before changing lanes. Be sure to signal the lane change prior to doing so.
  • Obstructive driving. Use the left lane only to pass. Change lanes safely at all times.
  • Rude gestures. Keep your hands on the wheel. AAA suggests saying something like, “Be my guest,” to yourself in response to another driver’s aggressiveness.

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