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Staying Safe on Your Next Theme Park Visit

Amusement parks are popular attractions to enjoy while on a personal or family vacation, but injuries can occur. By adhering to the park’s posted and verbally communicated safety procedures, visitors can have a fun day without risking harm to themselves or others. Here are a few basic guidelines that will help you keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the exhilaration of riding on roller coasters and other types of amusement park rides.

There are many considerations to make when enjoying an amusement or theme park, but some universally smart rules involve preparation and following posted rules. These may seem obvious, but many injuries occur due to their neglect.

Preparing for the Elements
It is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst, but when visiting an amusement park, being adequately geared up for the best day is always a good idea. Sunny, cloudless skies are perfect for enjoying rides and leisure time at a theme park, but a person can become severely sunburnt without realizing it, or even suffer heatstroke.

Making sure to remain properly hydrated and wear the appropriate level of sunscreen can prevent these issues. In that vein, it is best to keep bottled water and sunscreen available at all times while at the park. Having a small first aid kit on hand is also a smart move in case any minor injuries occur.

Remaining in Visitor Approved Areas
Oftentimes it may seem there is no reason for a particular area to be cordoned off from visitors, but rest assured, it is important not to ignore this particular restriction. In many cases, an area is barred from public access due to problems with an attraction or existing safety hazards that have yet to be dealt with.

Also, entrance into restricted areas may put the visitor in danger by placing them too near a dangerous part of a ride or event. It is always safest to avoid restricted areas.

Always Keeping an Eye on Children
Being constantly aware of your children’s location is of vital importance. Children can easily disappear and find themselves in a restricted area where their safety is compromised. Being cognizant of how they are positioned in a ride can help reduce possible injuries as well. Being aware of other children is also important, since they are much smaller and easy to miss. Remain vigilant and look out for other’s children as well as your own.

Following Ride Safety Rules
Lastly, following posted rules and regulations for a particular ride is imperative. Do not make it look as though a child is tall enough to be on a ride. That small difference in height can be costly if it causes ride restraints not to function properly. Be certain to remain seated as instructed, don’t get up until told to do so when the ride stops and keep hands and feet securely inside the designated compartment. This will ensure no loss of limb or other injury occurs while the ride is in motion.

These are just a few tips for having an enjoyable and safe excursion to the amusement park. If there are any questions on what is ok and what isn’t at a given park, be sure to stop by the guest services station and ask for clarification or help. Many parks maintain specialized information, tailored to different individual’s body types or health issues. By following these best practices, you’ll ensure that your family enjoys their trip to the amusement park.