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As the legislative session in Florida has come to an end this year, a few laws that you probably haven’t heard about are now on the books.

The first one is SB 292 which has to do with your ability to file a lawsuit against a car dealership. I guess the dealers have some friends in high places based on this bill. You are now required to send a certified 30 day demand letter to the dealer before you can file a lawsuit for Any damages. You will have to read the bill for the specific requirements of the demand. This gives the dealer 30 days to either satisfy your demand and pay a surcharge of the lesser of $500 or 10% of the damages. If they don’t pay what you want, you can then file a lawsuit after the 30 days has run. Another example of putting additional burden on the consumer.

SB 1384 addresses nursing home litigation. In a nutshell, the burden is now much greater for those who want to pursue a nursing home for punative damages. I thought the burden was already difficult enough, but once again, a law is taken too far and the consumer pays for it. This seems to be a trend. Everyone likes to compalin about lawyers until they need one. Then they are shocked by the numerous limitations that have been put in place by folks who don’t fully understand what they are voting on.

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