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Common Personal Injury Cases

No matter how much caution you take in performing day-to-day activities, there is always the possibility of an accident. The most common causes of personal injuries are falls and vehicle accidents. There are many other causes, of course; read on to learn the 6 most common causes of personal injury.

  1. Slips and falls: Accounting for more than 1 million emergency room visits every year, slips and falls may result in head injuries, neck or spine injuries, or bone and joint injuries. Slips and falls only account for 12 percent of all falls, as others might include trip and falls, or falls from height.
  2. Car accidents: Perhaps the most notorious cause of all personal injury cases, motor vehicle accidents accounted for 2,217,000 injuries in 2009 alone. This is hardly surprising, considering the roughly 6 million car accidents that occur yearly. The most common serious injuries arising from a car crash include neck injuries, spine injuries, and internal injuries like broken ribs.
  3. Work-related injuries: These are an especially common cause of personal injury lawsuits, in part because the victim has a very clear party on whom to lay the blame. In 2011, three million workers reported non-fatal injuries, and 4,609 fatal workplace injuries were reported.
  4. Assault: There were two million assault cases in 2010 alone; a high number considering that violent crime is supposedly on a downward trend.
  5. Bicycles: Somewhat surprisingly, bicyclists accounted for 52,000 injuries in 2010, many of which resulted in concussions, broken bones, abrasions, and lacerations.
  6. Product related injuries: Like work related injuries, these make up a high proportion of personal injury cases because there is a clear person or company to blame. Some of the common injuries are medicine related, equipment related, or due to a lack of warning label of a product.

There are of course many other causes of personal injury, and many causes of personal injury claims. Others that were not mentioned here include medical malpractice, dog bites, and slander. Contact Florida personal injury attorney Sinclair Law today to discuss your case.