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Holiday Trips: 5 Things To Help You Stay Safe

The holiday season is a fabulous time to enjoy Florida winters with a scenic, long distance motorcycle ride, but increased traffic and a higher concentration of tourists make the state’s roads more dangerous. Before you hit the road, consider these tips to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

5 Holiday Travel Safety Tips
Help avoid motorcycle accidents during the holiday season by following these helpful tips:

  • Stay alert. Drowsiness and distractions are two of the most common causes of auto accidents, especially during the holidays. Prior to setting off on your journey, make sure you can remain alert for the ride.
  • Take breaks. Concentrating on the road can exhaust your body and mind. After an extended period on the road, take breaks by visiting a rest stop or grabbing coffee from a roadside restaurant. Doing so will leave you refreshed and ready to enjoy the next ride.
  • Plan ahead. Any trip requires a certain amount of pre-planning. Before heading out, ensure you’re wearing comfortable clothing designed for riding a motorcycle. Because the holiday season leads to busy roads, check to make sure you have roadside assistance coverage for added protection.
  • Complete needed repairs. The holiday season is not the time to put off repairs. Prior to hitting to the road, have your motorcycle checked by a mechanic to guarantee it’s safe for long distances. If repairs are needed, complete them before taking a trip.
  • Drive responsibly. Most importantly, make the decision to drive responsibly. Between holiday parties and family celebrations, it’s tempting to drive while intoxicated – even if you’ve “only had one.” Particularly during the holiday season, don’t risk your safety by drinking and riding.

Whether you’re headed to Key West or planning a leisurely ride along Florida’s coastline, use these tips to stay safe on the road.

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