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Accidents can happen, and when they happen on the road, they present a particularly dangerous situation. There are a few precautions you should take immediately following a Florida automobile accident, including these steps:

  1. Ensure your own safety. Sometimes accident victims fail to realize they have sustained injuries until their condition has deteriorated. Look for bleeding wounds or broken bones before making any serious movements or getting out of the vehicle. If you have been injured, take steps to protect yourself from further harm and consider calling an accident lawyer after you are safe.
  2. Check on others in the wreck. If you are without serious injury, check on each of the other passengers of your car. Take steps to stop any bleeding, and ensure that no one is in imminent danger. If the occupants of the other car have not gotten out of the vehicle, make sure that they have not been injured.
  3. Move the cars to a safe location, if possible. If the cars are still drivable, move them out of traffic to an area where they can be accessed by law enforcement without posing a danger to other drivers.
  4. Call the police. Some people choose not to call 911 if neither driver is injured and the cars aren’t significantly damaged. However, it’s important to contact the police and receive a proper police report. This can also be vital for insurance purposes.
  5. Exchange insurance information. Get the insurance information from the other driver, and make sure they have your information. This will make it easier to sort out how repairs will be paid for.

It’s best to be prepared beforehand for an accident. Have current proof of insurance and car registration in your glove compartment to show to the police when they arrive, and have access to your insurance information.

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Brevard County, Florida you may need to contact an accident lawyer in Florida like Sinclair Law.