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No matter how good your driving skills are, you always run the risk that you will get in an accident. While this is unavoidable in some cases, you can take steps to prevent many automobile accidents. Read on to learn a few key tips for safer driving:

  1. Check your blind spots. Even if you have been monitoring your rearview mirrors, it only takes a few seconds for a car to get in your blind spot without your realizing it. Before shifting lanes, always look to your right and left to check your blind spots.
  2. Use extra caution when cars are beside you. Sometimes you might be boxed in by cars on either side of you. Continue driving calmly, and be wary of either car edging into your lane or trying to cut in front of you.
  3. Keep your eyes moving. One of the rules that all parents say to their kids when teaching them to drive is “Keep your eyes on the road.” This is important, but it is only half of the advice that should be given. As any driver knows, you can zone out after watching the road for a long time. To combat this, keep your eyes moving, constantly checking your rearview mirror and side mirrors and keeping track of the cars in front of you. It’s also important to check the sides along the roads for cars or animals that cross.
  4. Keep your car in good condition. Make sure all warning lights are off and your tires are full and have good tread. These simple maintenance checks could mean the difference between hydroplaning on a wet highway and coming to a safe stop.

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