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How To Stay Safe During Rainy Motorcycle Rides

With autumn here, the hurricane season is now in full swing. While fall in Florida doesn’t include the cold weather changes like other parts of the country, the rain and wind from tropical storms are at their peak and will continue until November 30th. Bikers who need to drive during this season of severe weather must take precautions to protect themselves when riding on slick roads. Read on for tips about motorcycle safety in rainy conditions.

  • Slow down. Just as cars slow down during a rainstorm, so too should motorcycles. The water lessens the traction between tires and road, hurts visibility, and disguises hazards in the road. Research shows that slowing down could have prevented an accident.
  • Avoid standing water. Puddles not only offer terrible traction for your bike, but they often hide potholes that could cause severe damage to motorcycle and rider. Avoid standing water when possible, and drive cautiously through it when you must. Be wary of the possibility of hydroplaning and of running water pushing the bike out of control as well.
  • Wear proper gear. A helmet is always an excellent idea when riding, but having rain gear is also wise. Not only does it protect your clothes and personal possessions from getting soaked, but it also offers protection should the wind drive the rain into you. Stinging rain is painful and distracting while riding, and proper raingear prevents that problem. A helmet with a water repelling visor is also a good investment.
  • Be aware of painted lines. The paint used on roads for crosswalks, lane lines, and other traffic directions can be hazardous for motorcycles. Painted areas provide little traction, particularly when wet, and if a bike goes over a crosswalk at a lean it may slide out from under the rider. When riding over painted lines, ride slowly and straight up, without leaning into turns if possible.

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